FAQs For Tour Packages

  • Transportation from the airport to the camper pickup location and vice versa.
  • The camper is equipped with third party accident insurance.
  • The fuel needed to complete the planned trip.
  • Highway costs and fees.
  • An accompanying tour guide and leader of the group’s itinerary.
  • Overnight camping reservations.
  • Communication tools between the camper driver and the guide.
  • Internet SIM card for every camper.
  • Assistance through the accompanying guide for purchasing special needs of individuals.
The destination of the trip is planned in advance and studied in a way that suits the nature of the region, the weather, and the time of arrival for each camp, with the possibility of changing the route as needed based on the assessment of the accompanying guide.

Our campers are checked regularly before each trip, but problems do occur and roadside support is available and included in the price.

There are many camping places that impose restrictions that will maintain the security and comfort of their visitors, such as not causing disturbance, raising the volume of music, etc. Harmony and communication with nature require calm and comfort for everyone.

Our campers are equipped to ensure you comfort in preparing the most delicious fast foods, as they contain:

  • Cooking utensils
  • Plates and spoons for eating
  • Cutting boards and tools
  • Hand soap and for cleaning utensils and supplies
The camper cleaning service is self-service and cannot be provided, as each group is responsible for its own camper.
Each person must bring his or her personal belongings, taking into account that the private storage space is somewhat limited and does not allow carrying more than one medium bag per traveler.
The program is announced at the end of each day for the following day.
If the proposed program does not conflict with the vision of the accompanying commander.
Passengers on board a single cabin have the freedom to buy and choose the food that suits them during the trip.
The trip program and itinerary includes many activities suitable for travelers, such as: Making paths for waterfalls and forests. Entry to many places and lakes located within the itinerary. Boarding the cable car.
All camping places are places subject to the protection and control of those in charge of them, as they were created to ensure a happy and peaceful holiday for those staying there.
Each camper contains cooking gas intended for customer use.

Additional Questions

Camping camps are carefully selected as we care about providing many services to our travelers, such as:

  • Enclosed, clean places for showering with hot water available. (Complimentary)
  • Toilets for customer use and places to wash utensils. (Complimentary)
  • Camper wastewater discharge points (free)
  • Clean water filling points for campers. (Complimentary)
  • Electric charging points for the camper. (by payment)
  • In some camps a laundry service is offered. (by payment)
To keep the trip going well, you must adhere to the instructions of the accompanying guide, as the daily driving duration ranges between 2-3 non-continuous hours, which can be increased or decreased according to what the guide deems appropriate.
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